Does your mask stop glasses fogging?

Glasses fogging up is a common problem for most masks. Our masks are designed with a tapered nose, and come in a range of sizes to provide the best fit and to keep any fogging to a minimum.

If you still experience slight fogging then we have a few tips for you:

1. The advice from the Royal college of surgeons of England works tremendously:
"Immediately before wearing a face mask, wash the spectacles with soapy water, and shake off the excess. Then, let the spectacles air dry or gently dry off the lenses with soft tissue before putting them back on. Now the spectacle lenses should not mist up when the face mask is worn."

Why does this method work? The soap leaves behind a thin film that acts as a fog barrier.

2. Use your glasses to seal the top of your mask:
If you can pull your mask up higher on your nose, you can use your glasses to seal it and shape it to your face. Just place your glasses right on top of the material that is over your nose. A secure fit will keep the warm air from escaping through the top of the mask.

3. Anti Fog Spray or Wipes:
If all else fails, shop around for a solution. There are wipes and sprays out there that are designed to tackle foggy glasses. We found packs of 20 wipes at Chemist Warehouse for $5.00. Before trying one, make sure the ingredients will not damage any protective coatings on your lenses.

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