How do I know I am ordering the right size mask?

To measure the best size of mask for you, use the following instructions and measurements to select your size:

  1. Ear to Ear - Place your index and middle finger together and in front of your ears. Measure the distance from middle finger to middle finger.
  2. Nose Bridge to Chin - Measure from the bridge of your nose, between your eyes to the underside of your chin.
  3. Using you measurements, find the closest match for you below:

Ear to Ear: 24 - 26cm
Nose Bridge to Chin less than 12cm
Elastic 32cm

Ear to Ear: 26 - 28cm
Nose Bridge to Chin: 12cm -13cm
Elastic: 35cm

Ear to Ear: 28 - 30cm
Nose to Chin: 13cm -14cm
Elastic: 35cm

Ear to Ear: 30cm plus
Nose to Chin: 14cm plus
Elastic: 35cm

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